Kermi therm-x2 Plan Flachheizkörper

therm-x2® Plan Unique energy saving technology with an appealing look.

With its brilliantly smooth design, the therm-x2 Plan-K and Plan-V/VM bring not just feel-good warmth and more comfort to every room, they can also be harmoniously integrated into almost every room situation. For the V versions, the valve is integrated and factory preset to the appropriate heat output. This not only saves additional energy, but also extensively eliminates on-site hydraulic balancing.


Powerful with a smooth design.

  • With energy saving x2 technology
  • Smooth front cover
  • Wide range of sizes and colours
  • Perfectly suited for new buildings and refurbishment
Kermi therm-x2 Plan-K Flachheizkörper unter Dachschräge

therm-x2® Plan-K

therm-x2 Plan-compact radiator. Clear line, extremely powerful.

With its smooth front and side panels and the decorative top grille, the Plan Compact can be integrated with conviction – into any room situation. Modern heat in best form. Brilliant and flat all the way to the edges. Suitable for all heat sources and variable for one and two-pipe systems. High in heat output, sensitive and dynamic in control due to low water content. In the version as a type 12 with only 66 mm installation depth, optimally suited for the requirements of condensing technology. With optimal output simultaneously with low water content.

Like all Kermi steel panel radiators, the 200 height is impressive with its output.

The low volume of water, for instance, ensures rapid heating of the radiator and assures sensitive, dynamic control. The exemplary energy efficiency always assures a high heat output. Even at low flow temperatures. This makes these radiators ideal for all heat sources – for oil, gas or remote heating and, of course, for modern heating systems utilizing condensing technology, solar energy or heat pumps.

Kermi therm-x2 Plan-K Kompakt-Austauschheizkörper als Renovierungslösung

therm-x2® Plan-K Replacement

therm-x2 Plan Compact Replacement Radiator. The shiny and smooth renovation solution.

So that you are optimally equipped for the opportunities and special requirements of the modernisation market, within the Kermi renovation program, Kermi has specially developed the Plan-Compact replacement radiator. The same size as the "therm-x2 Plan compact". But precisely aligned to the predominantly most frequent hub distances 500 and 900 mm. For the quickest possible rational replacement of DIN radiators. Without changes to the pipe connections, without conversion work. With few installation steps and entirely without special accessories. And if other hub distances are required, then Kermi will also offer the Adapter D as a suitable solution.

Kermi therm-x2 Plan-Ventil-Hygieneheizkörper

therm-x2® Plan valve hygiene radiators

Clean solution for special requirements.

The Kermi Plan hygiene radiator has been designed without side panel or convector. For quick, easily accessible cleaning and for dust-reducing indoor climate - according to the special hygienic requirements of hospitals. The high-quality Kermi coating is resistant to disinfectants and the edges are covered with protective profiles.

Connection- and valve technology

Kermi: Clear advantages. Complete service.

Kermi - Zertifizierte Qualität

Certified quality

  • Kermi is certified according to DIN EN ISO 9001;2008, 14001:2004 and 50001:2011
  • Components comply with current standards and directives
  • Regular monitoring of core components by independent testing institutes
Kermi x-net C11: Mit bestem Kundenservice

Complete support for the customer

  • Competent in-house service team for fast telephone assistance
  • Professional, unbureaucratic processing of complaints
Kermi System-Fortschritt bis ins Detail

System knowledge down to the details

  • Carefully engineered system technology developed in-house for easier, fast, safe work
  • Many Kermi innovations
  • Kermi special solutions for individuals working in the trades