Geneo® circle An all-round winner in terms of form, price and performance.

The Geneo circle already has what it needs to become a classic. Timeless, trendy shape and convincing price/performance ratio. With a pleasantly chic appearance and high output level. And maximum flexibility during planning and installation through centre or end connection as necessary. Also available in chrome on request to match classic bathroom faucets. Geneo circle is also available with an electric auxiliary heater and as the Geneo circle-E for all-electric operation.

Kermi Geneo circle Design- und Badheizkörper - runde Sache in Form, Preis und Leistung

Version - Geneo circle E

Kermi Geneo circle-E Design- und Badheizkörper im reinen Elektrobetrieb mit Elektro-Set FKS

Geneo circle-E - All-electric operation for year-round, central heating-independent warmth. The following electrical sets are available to choose from:

  • Electric set FKS (see image)
  • Electrical set WKS
  • Electrical set WFS
  • Electrical set WFC

Geneo Circle also available with additional electric operation .

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Handtuchhaken für Kermi Geneo circle Design- und Badheizkörper
Towel hook
Handtuchbügel für Kermi Geneo circle Design- und Badheizkörper
Towel rail

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