Credo-Half® The fascination in design and function. Simply appealing and also pretty comfortable.

The appealingly designed transverse pipes in attractive contrast to the flat panel design. Braced vertically for effective stabilisation. Arranged in distinctive block building and especially open on the side for optimum comfort. This means that towels can easily be hung in from the side to warm up. High design, material and finishing quality as well as excellent functionality - with quick, uniform heating and excellent heat output - make Credo Half an ideal heating solution for the sophisticated trendy bathroom, which is convincing in every respect.

Kermi Credo-Half Design- und Badheizkörper in modernem Badezimmer

Version Credo-Half-E

Kermi Credo-Half-E Design- und Badheizkörper im reinen Elektrobetrieb mit Elektro-Set WFC
All-electric operation for year-round warmth independent of central heating.
The following electric sets are available to choose from:
  • Electric set WKS
  • Electric set WFS
  • Electric set WFC (see image)
Credo-Half also available in additional electric operation on request. Further information


Handtuchhaken verchromt für Kermi Credo-Half Design- und Badheizkörper
Towel hook, chromed 


Detailansicht oben Kermi Credo-Half Design- und Badheizkörper
Exceptional heating design. Fully in line with the clear geometry of a ground-breaking collection of bathroom styles.
Detailansicht seitlich offene Querrohre Kermi Credo-Half Design- und Badheizkörper
In delightful contrast to the plane panel design, the slender-looking transverse pipes, arranged in distinctive block formation.
Detailansicht Anschlusstechnik & integrierter Thermostatkopf Kermi Credo-Half Design- und Badheizkörper
Complete connection system skilfully concealed under the flat panel design, with fully integrated thermostatic sensor head.


iF product design award 2006 Kermi Credo-Half Design- und Badheizkörper
Prädikat Design Plus Kermi Credo-Half Design- und Badheizkörper

Every year, the IF (International Forum Design GmbH) organises one of the most highly esteemed design competitions: The iF Design Award. A worldwide symbol for design excellence.

The renowned competition Design Plus has been offering trade fair visitors help with orientation for more than 30 years. An international jury awards the selected products the "Design Plus" rating. The excellent products are presented in a highly regarded special presentation.


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