Kermi Casteo Design- und Badheizkörper in modernem Badezimmer
Kermi Casteo Design- und Badheizkörper in Mattbronze in modernem Badezimmer

Casteo® Clear lines, pure aesthetics.

Casteo is simply unique. It has an attractive symmetry and the simplicity becomes something special. Its flat transverse pipes add delight to the warmth and not just for design purists. The large free spaces are ideal to be able to hang up towels for example to be preheated. Flexibility is a feature of the Casteo which is already apparent when planning: The connection can be in the centre or at the same as you choose. Perfect for a quick and simple replacement solution: the Casteo-D. Also available with additional electrical heating or as a Casteo-E for all- electric operation.

Kermi Casteo Design- und Badheizkörper - klare Linien, pure Ästhetik mit flachen Querrohren


Detailansicht Kermi Casteo Design- und Badheizkörper - klare Linien, geometrische Formen
Casteo - Clear lines, geometric shapes. Brings form and colour to a room. Even functional components such as the optional valve shut-off block are elegantly adapted to the design .
Kermi Casteo-D Design- und Badheizkörper - die schnelle Austauschlösung zur Renovierung
Casteo-D - The fast, efficient replacement solution for refurbishments.
Kermi Casteo-E Design- und Badheizkörper im reinen Elektrobetrieb mit Elektro-Set WFC
Casteo-E - All-electric operation for year-round warmth independent of central heating. The following electric sets are available to choose from:
  • Electric set FKS
  • Electric set WKS
  • Electric set WFS
  • Electric set WFC (see image)
Casteo also available as additional electric operation on request.Further information

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