Kermi x-net C17 Klettsystem - das werkzeuglose Verlegesystem

x-net C17 klett system Tool-free installation system – quick, safe and with maximum retention strength.

Underfloor heating for wet screed. Great flexibility and installation freedom make the x-net C17 klett system an ideal solution for surface temperature control. Tool-free and flexible pipe laying as well as the best floating screed properties allow the pipes to be laid particularly quickly and rationally.

Kermi x-net C17 Klettsystem - Fußbodenheizung für Nassestrich

x-net C17 advantages

  • Heating and cooling
  • Tool-free pipe fixing
  • Flexible pipe laying
  • Easy repositioning
  • Pipe fixing without gaps
  • No permeation through the insulation layer
  • Unbeatably fast insulation laying
  • Best-suited for flowing screeds
  • Easy processing of remaining pieces of insulation

Kermi benefits

  • Large format klett rolls to lay insulation quickly
  • High retention force of the hook and loop fixing, through components which are optimally coordinated
  • PE-Xc x-net 5-layer pipe 16 x 2
  • Impervious to dust and dirt
  • Pipe guide aid with great adjustment range
  • No unwanted adhesion of the hook and loop pipe thanks to special cardboard packaging
  • Heating technology tested according to DIN EN 1264 and DIN Certco-certified
  • x-net makes up part of the "Kermi x-optimised heating system" - from heat source to transfer - all from a single source.
  • x-net hook & loop rolled fleece self-adhesive on virtually all subsurfaces and due to the low height of only 6 mm, particularly suitable for using in refurbishment


x-net C17 klett system

Kermi x-net C17: Klettdämmung und Klettrohr
Kermi x-net C17 klett insulation and klett pipe − all you need for perfect, tool-free installation.
Kermi x-net C17: Einfache Ein-Mann-Verlegung der Rohre
No tools needed, so the pipe fixing is fast. Easy one-man installation.
Kermi x-net C17: Verzahnung des Klettbands der Rohre mit Klettfolie der Dämmplatte
The klett strip on the pipes grips the klett sheet on the insulation panel and thus ensures maximum retention strength.

x-net C17 klett insulation

Kermi x-net C17: x-net C17 Klettrolle mit Verlegefläche von 10 m² pro Rolle
x-net C17 klett roll in various insulation thicknesses with a coverage area of 10 m² per roll.
Kermi x-net C17: Einfaches Zuschneiden der Klettrolle mit x-net Cuttermesser
Cutting with the x-net cutter knife is remarkably easy. Clean cutting edges are made without effort and without residues.
Kermi x-net C17: x-net Klebeband zur einfachen, schnellen und sicheren Verbindung von Dämmungsstößen
Insulation joints are connected simply, quickly and securely with the x-net adhesive tape.
Kermi x-net C17: x-net C17 Klett-Rollvlies mit nur 6mm Höhe
x-net C17 klett vylene roll, with a thickness of just 6 mm, is particularly suitable for renovation work.

x-net 5-layer PE-Xc klett pipe

Kermi x-net C17: Restrohr verbleibt geschützt in der Verpackung
Remaining pipe stays in the packaging, where it is protected against dirt and damage and ready to be transported at any time. No unintended sticking.
Kermi x-net C17: Rohr und Rohrverbinder nach DIN 4726 und DIN EN ISO 15875
Pipes and pipe connectors as defined in DIN 4726 and DIN EN ISO 15875 are tested and monitored regularly by an accredited independent testing institute.
Kermi x-net C17: Entfernen des Klettbands am Rohrende für Verteileranschlüsse
For the distributor connections, the hook & loop tape at the end of the pipe can be removed easily from the pipe end.

Detailed solutions

Kermi x-net C17: Nachträgliche Lagekorrektur und Auffädeln am Verteiler
Subsequent position adjustment allows easier threading onto the distributor, for secure enclosing of the screed.
Kermi x-net C17: breiter Klebefuß und seitliche Kunststoffverstärkung
The wide adhesive foot and lateral plastic reinforcement ensure vertical stability and straight-line positioning - for safe expansion joint profiles which meet the standards.
Kermi x-net C17: Flexible Verlegeabstände
The flexible installation spacing also allows adjustment to unusual room geometries.

x-net edge insulating strips H 160 mm

Kermi x-net C11: Klebestreifen zur Wandfixierung des x-net Randdämmstreifens H 160 mm
Adhesive strip for wall-fixing of x-net edge insulation strip H 160 mm. Height adjusted to the floor structure so that there is no adhesive residue visible in the wall area afterwards.
Kermi x-net C17: Folienlappen des x-net Randdämmstreifens H 160 zur optimalen Abdichtung
The protective film on x-net edge insulation strip H 160 provides an optimal seal on the level hook & loop insulation.
Kermi x-net C11: Mehrfach-Abreiß-Schlitzung
Multiple tear-off slits for fast tool-free cutting of the edge insulation strip without leaving marks on the wall plaster.

x-net Pipe guide aid

Kermi x-net C17: x-net Rohrführungshilfe verhindert Anhaften des Klettrohres
Prevents unintentional sticking of the Klett pipe, ideal for laying over large distances or into other rooms.

With the pipe guide aid, the flexible C17 klett pipes can be laid quickly and efficiently even through several rooms. The unwinding unit can stay in one place and does not always need to be moved along. The pipe slides securely through the pipe guide without unwanted adhesion.


  • Quick installation
  • Easy to move
  • Telescopic design from 650 to 1100 mm
  • Moveable pipe hook
  • Open pipe hoots to easily clip the hook and loop pipes in and out while fitting them.

Kermi: Clear advantages. Complete service.

Kermi - Zertifizierte Qualität

Certified quality

  • Kermi is certified according to DIN EN ISO 9001;2008, 14001:2004 and 50001:2011
  • Components comply with current standards and directives
  • Regular monitoring of core components by independent testing institutes
Kermi x-net C11: Mit bestem Kundenservice

Complete support for the customer

  • Competent in-house service team for fast telephone assistance
  • Professional, unbureaucratic processing of complaints
Kermi System-Fortschritt bis ins Detail

System knowledge down to the details

  • Carefully engineered system technology developed in-house for easier, fast, safe work
  • Many Kermi innovations
  • Kermi special solutions for individuals working in the trades

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