Kermi x-net C15 Dünnschichtsystem

x-net C15 thin layer system A "good" centimetre floor heating specially suited for renovation.

Floor heating for renovation. Super slim and lightweight and quick - these are the special strengths of the x-net C15 thin layer system. Compared to the conventional systems, the knob element in the x-net C15 thin layer system is constructed such that the casting compound permanently bonds with the substrate and thus enables an extremely low floor structure. This makes the system ideal for efficient renovation solutions, with the option for heating and cooling. Laid directly on a variety of existing floor coverings, without costly chiselling or demolition.

Kermi x-net C15: Ein "starker" Zentimeter Fußbodenheizung speziell für die Renovierung

System benefits

  • Heating and cooling
  • Low drying times
  • Quick reaction time
  • W Optimal for renovations
  • Low static weight
  • Standardised installation spacing due to the system
  • Extremely low flow temperature through low pipe covering
  • Can be laid without chiselling or demolishing works
  • Application after appropriate pre-treatment on almost all subsurface

Kermi-Plus benefits

  • Low element height of 14 mm, complete floor mounting 17 - 22 mm (without floor covering)
  • Two pipe dimensions - one knob element:
    1. x-net 5-layer pipe 10 x 1.3
    2. x-net 5-layer pipe 12 x 1.4
  • Diagonal installation of the pipe without additional pipe fasteners
  • High impact resistance
  • High pipe retention force
  • Quick installation
  • Heating technology tested according to DIN EN 1264 and DIN Certco-certified

Pipe dimensions

Kermi x-net C15: größere Rohrdimension bietet größeren Durchflussquerschnitt
x-net PE-Xc pipe 10 x 1.3
Kermi x-net C15: größere Rohrdimension bietet größeren Durchflussquerschnitt
x-net PE-Xc pipe 12 x 1.4

In one and the same knob element, the pipe dimensions 10 x 1.3 mm as well as 12 x 1.4 mm can be laid. In contrast to the tube dimensions 10 x 1.3 mm, the x-net 5-layer tube 12 x 1.4 mm has about 35 % more cross section of flow and thus enables:

  • Greater tube lengths in the heating circuit
  • less heating circuits for the same area, thus more compact manifolds and distribution cabinets
  • Reduced material and installation effort


x-net C15 thin layer knob element

Kermi x-net C15: Montagefixierung durch selbstklebende Rückseite der Noppenelemente
Fixed by the self-adhesive backing on the knob elements. Simply remove the protective foil and lay on an appropriately pre-treated surface.
Kermi x-net C15: Optimaler Verbund der Noppenelemente durch Verknüpfungstechnik
Optimal placing of the knob elements using a linking technique which ensures that pipes are always laid in a straight line through the grid.
Kermi x-net C15: Rohrfixierung in alle Verlegerichtungen ohne zusätzliche Rohrbefestigungsmittel
The pipe can be fixed in any direction without additional pipe fasteners.
Kermi x-net C15: Trittstabile Noppenelemente
Even in harsh building site environments, the knob elements have high impact resistance despite their hollow spaces.
Kermi x-net C15: Noppenelemente auf vorbehandelten Fliesenbelag
The knob elements are ideal for the renovation sector since, with the appropriate surface preparation, they can be applied directly on the existing floor and/or tiling without any chiselling or demolition work.
Kermi x-net C15: Besondere Konstruktion des Noppenelements verleiht dauerhafte Stabilität
The special structure of the knob element creates a very large contact surface between the sealing compound and the supporting surface. This creates a composite layer with statics which are supported by the substructure and therefore needs only a very thin layer thickness. When composite structures are used, in addition to the largest possible surface contact, support surface preparation is also hugely important for lasting stability.

x-net 5-layer-PE-Xc tube

Kermi x-net C15: Rohraufdruck mit Angabe von Restlänge und bereits verbrauchter Rohrlänge
Printed marks on the pipe indicate the remaining length and length already used, allowing optimal utilisation of pipe coils.
Kermi x-net C15: Hohe Flexibilität ermöglicht enge Biegeradien
High flexibility allows tight bending radii and reduces the restoring forces in pipe elbows.
Kermi x-net C15: Rohr und Rohrverbinder nach DIN 4726 und DIN EN ISO 15875 geprüft
Pipes and pipe connectors as defined in DIN 4726 and DIN EN ISO 15875 are tested and monitored regularly by an accredited independent testing institute.
Kermi x-net C15: Einfaches Abrollen mit der x-net Abrollvorrichtung aus der Verpackung heraus
Practical piping bundle lengths up to 240 m packed in special cardboard boxes and ready to unwind straight from the packaging using the x-net pipe unwinder.
Kermi x-net C15: Restrohr verbleibt geschützt in der Verpackung und jederzeit transportbereit.
Whether in cardboard or stretch-film packaging, the remaining pipe stays in the packaging, where it is protected from dirt and damage, and ready to be transported at any time.
Kermi x-net C15: größere Rohrdimension bietet größeren Durchflussquerschnitt
The 12 x 1.4 pipe dimension, with a 35% larger flow cross-section compared with the 10 x 1.3 pipe dimension, has many advantages, such as longer pipe lengths per heating circuit, which means fewer heating circuits in the room, smaller distribution cabinets, lower material requirement and less work.

x-net edge insulating strips H 80 mm

Kermi x-net C15: Klebestreifen zur Wandfixierung des x-net Randdämmstreifens H 80 mm
Adhesive strip for wall fixing of x-net edge insulation strip H 80 mm. Height adjusted to the floor structure so that there is no adhesive residue visible in the wall area afterwards.
Kermi x-net C15: Einfache Fixierung des Folienlappens dank Klebestreifen
The protective film can be easily and quickly fixed to the floor with the adhesive strip.
Kermi x-net C15: Mehrfach-Abreiß-Schlitzung zur schnellen, werkzeugfreien Randdämmstreifen-Kürzung
Multiple tear-off slits for fast tool-free cutting of the edge insulation strip without leaving marks on the wall plaster.

x-link connection fitting

The combination of a bathroom radiator and underfloor heating is becoming increasingly popular. What was missing was a visually and technically convincing solution for the connection problem.

Using the x-link connection fitting, it is quick and easy to connect the underfloor heating circuit via the bathroom radiator to the existing radiator network.

x-net C15 product film


A "good" centimetre underfloor heating especially for renovations

- Low element height of 14 mm, complete floor mounting 17 - 22 mm (without floor covering)
- Two pipe dimensions - one knob element:
- Diagonal installation of the pipe without additional pipe fasteners
- High impact resistance
- High pipe retention force
- Quick installation

Kermi: Clear advantages. Complete service.

Kermi - Zertifizierte Qualität

Certified quality

  • Kermi is certified according to DIN EN ISO 9001;2008, 14001:2004 and 50001:2011
  • Components comply with current standards and directives
  • Regular monitoring of core components by independent testing institutes
Kermi x-net C11: Mit bestem Kundenservice

Complete support for the customer

  • Competent in-house service team for fast telephone assistance
  • Professional, unbureaucratic processing of complaints
Kermi System-Fortschritt bis ins Detail

System knowledge down to the details

  • Carefully engineered system technology developed in-house for easier, fast, safe work
  • Many Kermi innovations
  • Kermi special solutions for individuals working in the trades

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