Kermi x-net C14 Industrieflächenheizung

x-net C14 industrial floor heating Efficient warmth - optimal for large areas with high loads.

For heated and cooled hall floors. The x-net industrial floor heating is used in concrete floor constructions which are designed without floating screed and which have good thermal coupling between their support layer and their wear layer. The water conducting pipe registers are embedded in the lower part of the support layer in the concrete and due to the installation conditions there, are designed with larger pipe diameters than are used in conventional underfloor heating systems with heated screed. Industrial panel heating is ideally suitable for heating large halls in winter but also for heat dissipation during operation with cold water in summer. x-net C14 industrial floor heating can be designed with different pipe fastening systems, depending on the design of the concrete floor construction. The x-net clamping rail is used for fastening pipes when no suitable construction steel reinforcement is available; the x-net cable tie is used when the pipe registers can be fastened directly to on-site reinforced steel meshes.

Kermi x-net C14 Industrieflächenheizung: Klemmschiene & Rohrbefestigung

System benefits

Energy efficiency:

  • Low flow temperatures for:
    1. Efficient heat source, including radiant heat use from production processes, solar heat, heat pumps, etc.
    2. Optimal efficiency in heat generation
  • Reducing the transmission heat losses through the roof area through even vertical temperature distribution


  • Equal heating of the entire floor area
  • Reducing the room air temperature in comparison to convection or fan heating
  • Pleasant radiant heat
  • Minimum air movement in the room without stirring up dust and creating a draught
  • Can be used to continuously transport heat loads away, e.g. in the summer, when operated in cold water

Other benefits:

  • Unlimited use of the hall through complete spatial freedom
  • Maintenance-free panel heating system and low operating costs

Kermi-Plus benefits

  • Quick and simple installation due to:
    1. Adjustable mounting bracket for the industrial radiant heating manifold
    2. x-net unreeling cart for ergonomic pipe unreeling
  • Can be used with many types of concrete, such as reinforced steel concrete, prestressed concrete, vacuum concrete, fibre-reinforced concrete
  • Professional support with planning and on location


Pipe installation with system and industrial radiant heating manifold

Kermi x-net C14: Rohrregister mit Mäander (links) und Doppelmäander (rechts)
The pipe register plates for x-net C14 industrial panel heating can be adjusted as desired. Meanders or double meanders are the usual layout pattern, but other patterns can be easily implemented as well.
Kermi x-net C14: Verteilerabgänge mit 80 mm Abstand und Ventilanschluss
The 80 mm gap between individual distributor outlets makes distributor connection safe and easy.
Kermi x-net C14: Zuverlässige Presskupplungen aus Messing
Reliable press couplings made of brass with two O-ring seals made of high-quality EPDM per sealing point, are available for both pipe dimensions 20 x 2 mm and 25 x 2.3 mm.
Kermi x-net C14: x-net Montagekonsole
With the x-net installation bracket, the IFH distributor is fastened securely and flexibly. The large height and depth adjustment range ensures optimal alignment of the IFH distributor.
Kermi x-net C14: x-net Klemmringverschraubung
The x-net clamp ring screw connection makes it possible to connect pipe dimensions 20 x 2 mm and 25 x 2.3 mm to the existing distributor outlets with 3/4" external thread and Eurocone.
Kermi x-net C14: Reduzierte Rohrleitungsdichte im Verteilerbereich
The 80 mm connection spacing of the x-net IFH distributor reduces pipe density in the distributor area and thus ensures the most uniform possible heat distribution through the concrete.

x-net MKV composite pipe

Kermi x-net C14: Rohraufdruck mit Angabe von Restlänge und bereits verbrauchter Rohrlänge
Printed marks on the pipe indicate the remaining length and length already used, allowing optimal utilisation of pipe coils.
Kermi x-net C14: Rohrgroßbunde in spezieller Stretchfolienverpackung
Large pipe coils in special stretch-film packaging, which can be uncoiled straight from the packaging using the x-net unwinder.
Kermi x-net Rohr und Rohrverbinder
Pipes and pipe connectors as defined in DIN 4726 and DIN EN ISO 15875 are tested and monitored regularly by an accredited independent testing institute.

Unreeling cart

Kermi x-net C14: Robuster x-net Abrollwagen
The rugged x-net pipe dispenser is durable and its wheels allow ease of movement, thus ensuring easy pipe laying at the building site.
Kermi x-net C14: Einfacher Wechsel der Rohrgroßbunde
This optimised tool ensures ergonomic and quick changes of large pipe coils.
Kermi x-net C14: Mobiler x-net Abrollwagen in Kombi-Kofferraum
The x-net pipe dispenser has few individual components, which can be assembled easily and without tools. Disassembled into its component parts, the x-net pipe dispenser can be easily carried in a passenger car.

x-net C14 product film


Efficient warmth - optimal for large areas with high loads

- Energy efficiency thanks to low flow temperatures
- Comfortable due to even temperature distribution across the entire floor
- Pleasant radiant heat
- Unlimited use of the hall
- Maintenance-free panel heating systems and low operating costs
- Quick and simple installation
- Can be used with many types of concrete, such as reinforced steel concrete, pre-stressed concrete, vacuum concrete, fibre-reinforced concrete

Kermi: Clear advantages. Complete service.

Kermi - Zertifizierte Qualität

Certified quality

  • Kermi is certified according to DIN EN ISO 9001;2008, 14001:2004 and 50001:2011
  • Components comply with current standards and directives
  • Regular monitoring of core components by independent testing institutes
Kermi x-net C11: Mit bestem Kundenservice

Complete support for the customer

  • Competent in-house service team for fast telephone assistance
  • Professional, unbureaucratic processing of complaints
Kermi System-Fortschritt bis ins Detail

System knowledge down to the details

  • Carefully engineered system technology developed in-house for easier, fast, safe work
  • Many Kermi innovations
  • Kermi special solutions for individuals working in the trades

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