Kermi x-link Anschlussgarnitur: Verbindung Kermi Heizkörper mit Fußbodenheizung

x-link connection fitting

The combination of a bathroom radiator and underfloor heating is becoming increasingly popular. What was missing was a visually and technically convincing solution for the connection problem. Using the x-link connection fitting, it is quick and easy to connect the underfloor heating circuit via the bathroom radiator to the existing radiator network.

Integrated so as to be completely invisible under the radiator cover, it ensures constant floor temperature control in the bathroom - regardless of the room temperature. Without an electric connection or complex constructional measures and without having to access the boiler controls.

As a complete unit with an automatic temperature controller and with a valve shut-off block which is already integrated. For simple, quick, direct connection to the Tabeo-V, Credo-Duo, Credo-V or Credo-Uno-V valve fitting instead of planning and installation of an RTL wall installation box. In particular in combination with the x-net C15 thin layer system. the innovative solution for the renovation market which is becoming increasingly important.

Product benefits

  • Perfect optics - complete connections on one level, hidden under the radiator cover
  • Hub distances: 100 - 50 - 100mm
  • Simple, comprehensible operation
  • An additional control circuit for floor heating is not necessary
  • A separate wall box to control the underfloor heating controller no longer needs to be planned and installed
  • Innovative, intelligent integration of underfloor heating connection and bathroom radiator connection in one unit
  • Common and central integration of bathroom radiator and floor heating in the piping
  • Two-pipe valve shut-off block included as standard
  • Complete solution with coordinated interfaces
  • Total warranty for Kermi bathroom radiators and x-net floor heating

The perfect connection

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