Chrome collection Classy warmth aesthetics with exclusive charisma

Brilliance for a discerning ambience.

Their consistent styling, high quality, and finish make Kermi design radiators value-adding design elements in modern bathrooms and living space right from the start. In the version with an noble chrome surface finish, they are brilliant highlights in every discerning ambience. Straight and classic or dynamically curved. Modern style, with solid brilliance or in stunning contrast to the distinctive panel design. And besides a connection to the central heating system, they are also available for additional electrical heating or with all-electric operation.

Detailansicht Kermi Credo-Uno Design- und Badheizkörper in Chrom
Lotusblume in Wasser

The highest quality standards, innovative technology and as friendly to the environment as possible.

Together with the highest quality standards and the best possible manufacturing precision, Kermi, one of Europe's leading heating-technology manufacturers, also prioritises environmental sustainability. Best in class, responsible eco-management that is certified to DIN EN ISO 14001:2004.
This means that for example, the surface finish is realised in our own ultra-modern chrome-plating plant which has been designed not only to produce highly polished results but also for maximum environmental protection. So that exclusive heating design can shine clearly, in full splendour.

Note: Only for the design and bathroom radiators Credo-Half, Icaro, Diveo, Credo-Uno, Geneo Circle, Basic-50, Basic-50 R and Basic-D.